The top 5 “real” reasons that Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence

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Hey everyone:

If your not listening to The Guys’ Podcast then your missing out on a ton of fun! Tonight we recorded Episode #52 live via ! Please consider joining us every Thursday night 8:00pm Eastern for some good old fashioned fun, nothing religious, just fun geeky guys talking about Tech news, and reviewing movies, games, T.V. shows, and an occasional Sci-Fi book. Anyway, tonight our main topic was the top 5 “real” reasons Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence from Apple… each of the guys came up with their top 5, but here are my top five.

D.G.’s top 5 “real” reasons that Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence:

5. Steve is tired of dealing with the peons of this world and wants to take a vacation back to his home planet Krypton.
4. Steve needed to go undercover for the C.I.A. and work at the Buy More.
3. Steve needed to spend more time on the “brain washing” button in his secret laboratory that he built under the hidden lost city of Atlantis.
2. The power drive running his circuit board is almost dead and bill Gates can’t have his plan for world domination ruined!
1. Steve has a hormone deficiency and is taking sick leave for a few months.

Thanks for reading this blog, I know my blogging has been a lot slower now-a-days and you can think Twitter for that, but I promise I’m still here!



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35 Comments so far

  1. Corey on January 25, 2009 1:23 am

    hey just so that you know, you post more than i do and i am the poster child for procrastination. Just checkin in with ya. Love Ya, in that hetero manly kinda slap you on the butt like a coach kinda way!!! ha ha ha

  2. D.G. on January 25, 2009 8:29 am

    Wow, Corey! I have never heard that one! That was awesome! Thanks!

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